ExchangeWise releases web-based CRM system, MX-Contact.NET

May 30th, 2006: ExchangeWise today announced the release of MX-Contact.NET, a web-based version of MX-Contact, its highly successful Outlook-based CRM and Contact Management system.

This follows the release in January 2006 of the SQL Server-based Editions of MX-Contact. MX-Contact.NET utilizes the same database as the MX-Contact SQL Editions, and so is essentially 2 products in one:

  1. A web client for the SQL Editions of MX-Contact. Any user wishing to update the MX-Contact SQL database remotely from an internet café, hotel room etc. may do so using MX-Contact.NET. Only Internet Explorer is required on the remote computer. No client software is required at all. Apart from satisfying the needs of remote users, MX-Contact.NET also provides an additional option for local users who do not require the tight integration with E-Mail, Tasks, etc. that the MX-Contact Outlook Add-In client provides, but just need to be able to view/update the core CRM data like companies, contacts, opportunities, etc. These users can utilize MX-Contact.NET via Internet Explorer rather than having to install the full MX-Contact desktop client.

  2. A stand-alone web-based CRM product which can be used in a hosted ASP-type environment or installed by the client themselves using their own SQL Server(s). With no client installation required, deployment of the application is very simple, and MX-Contact.NET can easily be integrated with other brower-based applications. MX-Contact is ideal for sales teams operating from several offices (even across multiple countries) that want to manage clients or opportunities in a central system that is updated in real time.

MX-Contact.NET can be deployed on both Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 and supports both Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (Service Pack 4 and later) and SQL Server 2005 databases.

"With the release of MX-Contact.NET, we now have all the remote connectivity options available for customers, depending on their needs" says Brian Drury, Managing Director of ExchangeWise. "Users can either utilise the full Outlook desktop client with MX-Contact (SQL Edition), either at the office or offline on a notebook with an MSDE or SQL Express database, or just access the database remotely using MX-Contact.NET, needing only Internet Explorer available on their machine".

For more details on MX-Contact.NET, please download the following Information Sheet:

MX-Contact Information Sheet - MX-Contact.NET