MX-Contact for MYOB - Integration with MYOB Accounting for MX-Contact Users

MX-Contact for MYOB is an add-on Module for MX-Contact that provides integration to MYOB Accounting for MX-Contact users. Integration with MYOB enables the MX-Contact user to accomplish the following with just a few clicks:

Import product and service items from MYOB into MX-Contact so that you have an up-to-date price and inventory list while working with Companies (Customers). This Product Master list can be used to in the creation of opportunities and job cards in MX-Contact, which can then later be turned into quotes, orders or invoices directly in MYOB.
Import customer records from MYOB into MX-Contact as Company Items. Export Companies from MX-Contact to MYOB as Customer records. Link an MX-Contact record to a MYOB customer record so that a user can view and update financial information in MX-Contact.
View the financial history and financial summary of Company records in MX-Contact that are linked to MYOB's customer records. The financial history includes the date, type, and amount of the transaction. The financial summary includes your customers' balance and payment information, a sales summary, and other financial details.
Edit individual transaction records as you view the financial history. The edited transaction record is updated directly in MYOB.
Create a quote, a sales order, or an invoice from a Company, Opportunity or Incident/Job Card record in MX-Contact.
Receipt payments from customers into MYOB via MX-Contact.