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To download MX-Sync, please click on the Download button. Please note this is a 64 MByte file.

Download MX-Sync Version 12.04.06 (32 bit) Download MX-Sync Version 12.04.04 (32 bit)

MX-Sync Installation Guide

In order to run MX-Sync (even for evaluation) you need a License Key. This License Key is based on your mail server domain, i.e. the portion of your e-mail address after the @ sign.

For purposes of evaluating MX-Sync, a Licence for 5 users is generated for 28 days.

Please contact us to request a License Key. We will evaluate your requirements and send you a License Key along with sample scripts and Instruction Sheets to help you set up MX-Sync according to your needs.

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