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MX-Sync is designed to synchronize data between Outlook/Exchange Server Folders and any SQL Server or other external database (Oracle, MySQL, Access, etc.)
  • MX-Sync is priced on a subscription model, based on an annual contract.
Exchange to Database Synchronization - Click to enlarge
  • A Server License is required where MX-Sync will be connecting to an Exchange Server.
  • In addition a User License is required for each mailbox needing to be synced.
  • A 1-User Server License is required to sync only Public Folders.
  • For Private Folder syncing, a Server License is required plus a User License for each private mailbox. So for example to sync Contacts between an external database and 10 user mailboxes, you require a 10-User Pack.
  • A License Key is generated based on the mail server domain (i.e. the portion of your e-mail address after the @ sign) for the users whose mailboxes are being synced. To generate a temporary License Key for evaluation, or while waiting for your purchased License Key, please click here.
  • Volume discounts increase beyond 25 users. You may also purchase exactly the number of Licenses required. Please contact us for a formal proposal.




1-User Server License

US $ 549


5-User Pack

US $ 707


10-User Pack

US $ 945


25-User Pack

US $ 1,670