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One of the great features of MX-Contact is its ability to link incoming and outgoing e-mail to the recipients and/or senders that are stored in the MX-Contact Contacts folder, and copy these e-mails to the shared (Public) E-Mail folder so that this correspondence is visible to other people in the organization.

This document should assist you in answering the following typical questions that are asked:

  • How can I share e-mails that I send or receive with other staff members in the company so that they are also aware of client-related correspondence?

  • How do I stop personal e-mails being shared with other team members?

  • Can I link e-mails to a contact, company and/or opportunity?

  • How can I stop being prompted about each e-mail that I send or receive and have MX-Contact link these automatically?

  • How can I categorise e-mails so that I can group, sort and filter e-mails of certain types (e.g. all support-related e-mails)?
MX-Contact Information Sheet - E-Mail Handling: Outlook 2002/2003 | Outlook 2007/2010