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If you’re looking for an Outlook based contact manager software package to assist you with managing a contact list of some kind, whether it be customers, prospects, members, suppliers or whatever, download the Evaluation Edition of MX-Contact. MX-Contact is a CRM, Contact Management and Sales Automation package that runs inside Microsoft Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007 or 2010. The system utilises all the standard functionality of Outlook but provides many additional features that transform Outlook into a powerful Contact Management and CRM system.

The SOHO Edition is designed for a small office/home office (SOHO). It is a Microsoft Outlook Add-In and runs off a Microsoft SQL Server Express database, utilising an Outlook Data File/Personal Folder File (.pst) for custom Outlook forms.

The Enterprise Edition is designed for a medium to large sized workgroup. It runs off a Microsoft SQL Server database, also utilising an Outlook Data File/Personal Folder File (.pst) or Exchange Server Public Folders for custom Outlook forms.

MX-Contact incorporates a Base System with optional add-on Modules for Sales, Marketing and Support. Click here to compare the various editions.

MX-Contact provides you with a system that allows you to manage groups, companies and contacts, and see all the interactions with these entities, namely appointments, tasks, e-mails, documents and journals. MX-Contact adds the relationship management (i.e. the linking of items to one another) that Outlook lacks by default.

Requires Microsoft Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010. (Does not work with Outlook Express!)
Utilises a Microsoft SQL Server Express or SQL Server Standard, Workgroup or Enterprise database for data storage along with a set of Outlook folders to house the Outlook forms.
Does not require Exchange Server, but can be used with an Exchange Server Mailbox profile.
Incorporates the standard set of MX-Contact Base System folders.
Supports the addition of optional Sales, Marketing and Support Modules.
Download MX-Contact Version 9.01.01