Products > Email2DB: EMail Parser & Advanced Message Automation Solution
Automatically update databases from emails. Save time & money by automating message processing. Increase sales by automating auto responses and email follow ups.

Email2DB is an email parser and message processing automation solution. Parse and extract data from messages to integrate with your business data and send auto-responses. If you need to process ecommerce orders, support enquiries, web response forms, or any sort of form based message, EMail2DB will save you time and money.


Email To Database Use Email2DB to automatically parse incoming email messages and convert email to database records. Save hours of re-keying time. Supports Access, SQL Server, MySQL, and many other database types. Update CSV files and Outlook Contacts. Process Attachments Save attachments to specific folders. Rename attachments, forward existing or new attachments on to new recipients. Create custom reports and attach to outgoing emails in PDF, TIFF or HTML format.
Automate Responses Send multiple auto response emails. Forward the original email on to multiple recipients. Create conditional sending rules and send automatic follow up emails at scheduled dates in the future! Automate Business Processes Run custom reports and export reports to PDF files. Print labels, send faxes, send SMS messages and more. Create advanced business processes using the built-in Visual Basic compatible scripting engine.
Database Enabled Mail Server Email2DB can also be used as a mail server. Process incoming emails or just save directly in the message store. Unlimited user accounts, public folders, spam filtering and more. HTTP To DB, RSS To DB & Database Pull In addition to emails, Email2DB can read and process messages from database records, text files, web pages and RSS feeds.